June 2008 Photo Contest Winners...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the June 2008 Weekly Photo Tips contest winners, click on either image to view a larger version:

The first image, "Flower", is from Jason Anderson:

Location: Unknown
Equipment Used: Canon 550 EX, shot through diffuser with a Sigma 70mm macro lens, f22, flash on with shutter sync of 1/200th @ 1/500 second, ISO 1600
Post Production: tweaked the exposure in Photoshop, cloned out a few spots, ran through Noise Ninja, and applied a little output sharpening

Be sure to check out Jason's blog.

The second image, "Beach Ballerina", is from Melissa Belcher:

Location: Florida
Equipment Used: Canon 40D, a 28-135mm lens, lighting was good old sunshine
Post Production: post production with iPphoto - fading the color and blurring the edges

You can visit Melissa's website here.

Jason will be getting an original Battery Caddy and a copy of Lou Jones latest photography book.

Melissa will also be getting an original Battery Caddy and a copy of Doug Gordon's "Weddings with a Video Light the Easy Way" DVD.

Congratulations to the June winners and and the July contest is now open!


Michael Palmer said...

digging the heart in the sand - good to see your image in Geo Comp

ostman said...

Congrats to both Jason and Melissa. Both great choices.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!....Melissa

Jason Anderson said...

Quite surprised, but happy to hear the news - thanks Scott! Looks like you had an enjoyable holiday, and I just wanted to take a moment after all the frenzied activities from last week to stop in and say thanks!

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