Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday evening engagement session…

This weekend the weather in Maine has been horrid - large amounts of thunder, lighting, wind, and rain. Trees have come down, rivers have flooded, and people have been running through the streets arms flailing and screaming “the end is coming, THE END IS COMING!”


And I had to shoot an engagement session with this weekend for a wonderful couple Jen & Joe. If it didn’t happen tonight, it wasn’t ever going to happen because there was no place in the schedule to fit them in before we shoot their wedding in two weeks.

Well, we sat in our cars at the beach hoping for a break in the weather, we waited, and waited – finally we got exactly 15 minutes to shoot before the skies opened back up. It was just enough time to get their session done.

Here are a few, click on any image to view it larger.


Harold said...

Some really nice shots.. Beautiful couple. Weather always has some impact but looks like you overcame in spite of it.

Michael Palmer said...

The wet sand really adds extra POP!! Great work Scott.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

It's always a treat to see your images. I especially like the second one. Thanks for sharing!