Hundreds of Free Photoshop Actions...

Here is a list for several hundred (and pretty darn good) FREE Photoshop actions:

1. Here are 39 from
2. Elated Action Kits offers 47 here
3. Reyns Wim Photography has 70 free actions
4. Finesse FX has 67 free actions
5. 13 from Pioneer Woman Photography
6. 22 actions on
7. 20 actions from
8. The Light's Right Studios is offering 30 free actions
9. Here are 13 actions from Turning Turnip
10. And finally, 156 actions are available here from various sources.

So that's 455, 460, 466, a lot of free actions.

Free is good, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Thank you much. I love the pioneer woman ones, will have to check out the rest.

Jodi said...

If you are interested, feel free to add some of mine to the list of free.

I have on my blog at a free "flag in a flash" action - that makes a flag storyboard, I have one called "Touch of Light | Touch of Darkness" where you paint on light and dark where needed.

On my site at (under freebies) I have a watermark action, gallery frame action, black and white with 14 color overlays (called "Take action on Cancer Awareness), and 4 edge burning and vignetting actions.

Hope this helps - and if you want to add it to your list above, feel free to.

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Photo-Africa said...

Great links! Thanks a lot!!

Jason Yu said...

Thanks a lot for the links!