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Ever start following links from site to site and end up on a cool website or blog, but if you had to explain exactly how you got there, you couldn't?

I came upon f/1.0 but couldn't tell you how I got there if you offered me a fistful of money.

Ed Zawadzki has a very nice blog, with a bunch of instructional and educational posts.

What first brought me there was a 4 part series he is doing called "The Nuts & Bolts of Off camera Flash", you will find part 1 here, and part 2 here.

After reading these (well written) posts I started snooping around his blog and found other good things, like:

Shoot Fireworks Like a Pro

The 15 Second DIY Adjustable Snoot

Quick & Dirty Seamless Backdrop For Small objects

So take some time and go visit Ed at f/1.0 and do some snooping of your own, you'll find some really good stuff.


Michael Palmer said...

That DIY snoot is cool

Miguel Palaviccini said...

DIY anything photography is always cool. Thanks for sharing.