Happy birthday Weekly Photo Tips...

"Happy birthday to you"...

Today is the first birthday of Weekly Photo Tips, it made it here because of you the readers, THANK YOU!

Your support has been amazing, here are some of the numbers:

In our first month we averaged 4 visitors a day, the past month we are averaging 279 people daily.

Here are some more numbers:

This past year we have had 40,343 visitors

with 55,205 Page Views

701 people have subscribed to Weekly Photo Tips

You have come from 132 Countries

Top 5 Countries:

1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Australia
5. Germany

Bottom 5:

128. Botswana
129. Bolivia
130. Mongolia
131. Kenya
132. Laos

Top 5 Viewed Posts:

1. The best Lightroom training DVD I have seen
2. I'm back - with Matt Kloskowski
3. That Gritty Dave Hill Look
4. The importance of monitor calibration
5. Take the flash off your camera

I have gotten to shoot with Scott Kelby, Stacey Kane, and Mike Palmer.

Made friends with Vincent Versace and Matt Kloskowski, had (email) conversations with David Ziser, Joe Photo, Jason D. Moore, and people all over the world.

Almost every week a package arrives with some photographic doo-dad to be tested and reviewed.

As a photographer does it get any better?

And I have you to thank, because without you this blog would be nothing.

Please know that I will make every effort to make year two even better.

I will be celebrating the 4th with friends & family and will be shooting a wedding out of state this weekend so you will not hear from me again until next week.

Be happy, be safe.

and thank you, thank you, thank you......


Kirk said...

Congratulations! on a successful first year. I didn’t subscribe until a few months ago. Keep up the great work and have a prosperous second year.

Craig Lee said...

Congratulations. What do you use to track your traffic statistics?

Jason D. Moore said...

Happy Birthday!

Julie M said...

Congrats on the milestone! Here's wishing you a successful and rewarding 2nd year...

Stacey said...

Bravo my friend!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday!
And thank you for this great site!

Michael Palmer said...

Happy Birthday WPT!! Have a great weekend Scott!!

Andy said...

Congrats on the year, but even more importantly, you done it with quality posts.

Thanks for sharing