Get your free Lightroom presets here!...

Earlier this week we showed you where to get free Photoshop actions, today we'll show you where to find free Lightroom presets:

1. Here you will find 85 presets from Jack Davis
2. Inside Lightroom has (roughly) 75 presets from various developers
3. Lightroom Presets has another 25 here
4. Kelsey Smith has 50 presets here, and 10 B&W presets here
5. Steller Times has 3 here
6. 640 Pixels is giving away 15
7. That 70's set is free from Kim Long
8. Get The Daido Moriyama Kit by ReallyJapan
9. These are from Heather Green Photography
10. Here are three from Snowdon Photography
11. 9 Fill Flash Fixer presets from Jon Tehero
12. No list would be complete without Matt Kloskowski's presets

The following presets are camera or lens specific:

13. Nikon D300
14. Nikon 18-200 VR Lens
15. Leica M8
16. Canon 40D

Have a great weekend!


Heather Green said...

Thanks for linking up to my blog list of Lightroom presets :)

Julie M said...

Thanks, Scott.

Jason said...

Enjoy your blog, but can I ask why you don't make the full postings available in the RSS feeds?
- Jason

mushroom & gadgets said...

thank you for linking to my blog :)

ReallyJapan said...

Thanks for linking to my Daido Moriyama lightroom preset.. I've just posted another preset called Cinematic for Lightroom, check it out: !

Alexey Rubtsov said...

Thanks, Scott.
That's great list which will make me busy for pretty long time.

patching said...

Found some more free presets at:

jef_cris101 said...

hello guys, anyone still have a copy(free) of "that 70's presets by kim long"? please send me one...thank you so much!