A bunch of Nikon links...

The following are links of interest to my Nikon friends:

1. A significant firmware update for the D3 has just been released, here is the Windows version, and here is the MAC version

2. The D300 also has a firmware update but is more minor in nature, Windows is here, MAC is here

3. The latest camera from Nikon is the D700, read all about it here

4. If that isn't enough, here are 12 pages of details and specifications on the D700

5. A review of the D700 from Nikonians.org

6. Another new release from Nikon that has slipped in under the radar is their new flash - the SB-900, here are the details

7. If you want to know more about the SB-900 you can read Joe McNally's review here

8. Here are some SB-900 details from DPReview.com

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