Photoflex LiteDome softbox sale!...

Right now you can get a Photoflex LiteDome softbox on sale for $85 with free shipping.

I own this softbox and can tell you it is quality construction and materials, it folds down to next to nothing making it extremely portable, and now the price makes it an unbeatable option.

Here is the setup shot from a shoot we did for a national food producer (you can read more about this shoot along with other images here).

And here is the final result.

So check out the Photoflex LiteDome softbox, you may want to ad it to your arsenal of light shaping tools.

Below is a video we did demonstrating the Photoflex LiteDome softbox, subscribers will need to return to the blog or can also head directly to our YouTube channel to watch it.


half blind said...

Hi Scott,
I use a pair of Westcott Spiderlites for continuous cool light. I'm trying to learn about strobes. Thanks for this tip.

Pam said...

Hi Scott,
Wondering what lite source #1 and #3 is I can see the lite box and the white board. Thanks

Scott said...

Hi Pam,

I probably should have identified everything in the picture, sorry. Let me do it now:

1. SB900 behind a shoot through umbrella (for background/rim/fill light)

2. SB900 in a Photoflex softbox (primary/key light)

3. A California Sunbounce Mini silver reflector

4. 11x14 inch white foam core held upright with a clamp

5. A plate of really good food!

Hope that makes things a bit more clear.


Scott said...

Half Blind,

Those SpiderLites are very, very nice. A friend of mine was kind enough to let me “test” them for a couple weeks.

The softboxes themselves are probably the best I have ever used (quality of material and ruggedness).

One thing he warned me about (and I found out to be true) was in travel the bulbs have a tendency to work themselves loose, so you may want to keep an eye on that if you take them on location.

I do like Speedlights better for portability and flexibility. They seem to fit in more (tight) situations and provide me with more options when it comes to light modifiers (like snoots, grids, and spots).


Denver Photographers said...

I really like that food shot. Great work.

Scott said...

Thank You!

bryan said...

i have the cheetah stand qbox 24 and for the price it cant be beat. check it out

Anonymous said...

Is there some sort of adapter to make the sunbounce stand up? I have one but usually have to have someone hold it. Thanks.

Scott said...

Do you mean other than mounting it on a light stand?