A call for the pictures of soldiers...

For the upcoming Memorial Day weekend the Weekly Photo Tips blog will be coming down and will be replaced with a slideshow to honor American soldiers who have "gone on ahead".

I am asking for your help in this project, If any of you would like to submit an image (or images) to be included in the slideshow please email them to me (the sooner the better).

What I am looking for are images of the person while they were alive, their headstone, or both. Please include information like their name, when/where they served, tidbits about their life, fond memories, or simply something that you want to make sure the world knows about your soldier.

I can't promise I will use every word you send in, but I can promise that every picture that is emailed to me will be included in the in the Memorial Day slideshow.

Also generic shots, like images of Arlington, the Vietnam Wall, or memorial statues in the town square where you live will be included as well.

Yes I know that technically Memorial Day is meant to honor men and women who have died in service to our country, but I will be including any service men and women who are not longer with us.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to receiving your images.

Image from Mike Palmer

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Jim Poor said...

As a career Army Officer, this means a lot.