A must read story... and buttons...

Part A:

If you take my advice about just one thing, let it be this, READ THIS STORY!

Please don't be turned off when you open the link and see that it's a sport story, it really has nothing to do with sports, it's about humanity.

It's about people doing what's right, not what's best for them.

I promise if you read this, you'll be glad you did.

Part B:

Ever hear something and it really makes you think about how you behave? It happened to me this morning in church when the pastor said, "if people wore buttons, it may change how you relate with them".

If the waiter who just spilled my drink was wearing a button "I was diagnosed with cancer this morning", or the button on the single mom who just cut me off read "I just lost my job" it would certainly make me think about how I responded.

Okay, Ill be off my soapbox and back to photography tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.


Anonymous said...

A great story, Scott!

Perhaps our politicians might take a page from those college kids.

Perhaps all of us might.


Scott said...

One can only hope Jim, one can only hope...

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I remember when I saw this on Sports Center. I almost cried (and I'm one to not show much emotion). The last time I cried was also during a special by ESPN ...




I couldn't find the ESPN video that they showed on TV ... and if I had I probably would have tears in my eyes right now.