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If I had to pick one blog to recommend to photographers, it would be David Ziser's, not only is his blog an educational bonanza, he will also send you to so many other photography resources that it will be hard for you to keep up.

David does not dispense his wisdom with an eyedropper, he heaps it on you with a steam shovel. I doubt there is any other photography blogger more prolific that David Ziser, since last August he has posted well over 1,000 times!

And it's not just the quantity, it's also the quality, he packs in more useful information than anybody else.

How he does it I don't know, because he is a very busy photographer, and teaches seminars all over the country. I picture David sitting at his computer late at night, lit by the glow of his monitor and chugging Red Bulls to keep awake.

Here are just a few reasons to visit his blog:

1. His photography is inspirational, it will show you the possibilities and give you goals to shoot for.
2. It's educational, he not only shows you his work, but explains how his imagery was captured, a great learning experience.
3. David covers one subject that is very important but ignored by most, the business of photography, be sure to check out "Business Day Thursdays".
4. "Legal Eagle Wednesday" will cover, Model Releases, Copy Rights, and more.
5. Want more? How 'bout Technique Tuesdays.

You can also get his 2 DVD set call the "Digital Wakeup call" (like I did), it's packed with 4 1/2 hours of great information, and $69 very well spent.

David will be teaching a one week course, "Digital Master Class" in July and September at his studio in Cincinnati. You can watch a slideshow from his 2007 Master Class here.

Whatever you are trying to achieve with your photography, simply to take better pictures for yourself, or to run a successful studio, David will help you do it better, smarter, and more efficiently.

In the video tutorial below David shows you how cool ways to use your on camera flash and your off camera flash :


David Ziser said...

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the nice write-up. It's always appreciated.
Regards, David

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the excellent tip. I'm sure I'll now be spending lots of time reading that blog. I also just ordered the dvd set!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the link to David's blog, very informative site and some nice techniques and general photography tips and tricks.

Thanks for sharing.

Ken said...

As a newbie to the world of Photography and according to David Ziser, last year I attended his school.
WOW it was great. I learned first I do not want to be a wedding Photography, though this is David's expertise. I would like to be a 2nd shooter.

David gave me my start into lighting and composition. And I discovered something about myself and photography.

I bought the lighting Q-flash and 3 SB800s and Rays RingFlash. In my blog I even did a parody on lighting http://kblawson.wordpress.com.

David is a great teacher.

Ken from KY