Do it yourself photography....

Here are some links for those photographers who like to "do it themselves".

Their name pretty much says it all -, and this is probably the best site for those who want to do it themselves. They have great ideas and projects that will help you do it better and cheaper. No doubt "Do It Yourself Central".

Dean Collins was one of the original do it yourselfer's, you can download his Tinker Tubes booklet full of plans and ideas here. If you want to learn lighting from the master, you should consider getting his DVD's as well. (you'll need Adobe Reader for the Tinker Tubes booklet, download it here)

If you want a (free) better bounce card, watch Peter Gregg Videos, they are both instructional and entertaining.

You can build a light box/tent for $40 and get plans here and here.

Want a Do-it-Yourself Tungsten OmniBounce? You can get it here.

PC World even has a list of links and DIY projects.

And last on the list, but by no means least (it' just that this post had to end somewhere, and this is it), is a DIY Photography Weblog and has some very useful information. Be sure to check it out.


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Fabulous Photo Gifts said...

Hi Scott.

Just come across your blog - some really great shots here - loved the old bike from the parade.

Just thought you and your readers might be interested to know that aside from our personalised photo gift business, as a point of general information for home photographers - we've posted several help articles for scanning and resizing files.

Just little tips etc but they might just help. We've had several comments along the lines of "i never new that" or "I found that really useful".

Look forward to seeing you all there perhaps?

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