Project 366...

Have you heard of Project 366?

It's a way cool idea with a simple premise, take and post one image for every day for a year.

One picture, from one of 366 themes - each theme is unique and different and one for every day the entire year.

Here was the starting point.

And here are the rules:

•Photos must be taken between 12:01am January 1st 2008 and 11:59pm December 31st 2008. •Photos must be your own, not taken from other people.
•Photos to be posted in your Blog/Blurty/Photobucket (linked to), etc.
•All images remain yours.
•You don't have to take the photo themes in order, nor to take exactly one photo each day - many people work long hours or hours which mean few free daylight hours - you might find you cross off three themes in one day. Think of it as a photographic treasure hunt or quest.
•All images must be original, not photoshopped - the point is to have fun and challenge yourself to improve photography, not how well you can correct your mistakes with manipulation.
•No nudity, porn, or illegality!

Ya, I was disappointed with the last rule too.


Before you even utter the words "that doesn't seem all that hard" try it for just a week, you will find it far more challenging than it seems on the surface.

Below are just some of the folks who have taken up the challenge, they are doing wonderful work that deserves a look:

Dogeared Photo - who appears to be the ring leader
Julies' 366 Photos in 2008
Christin's 366 in 2008
Rick T's 366
Deb's Photo Blog
cmwoodard14's 366 in 2008
Linda's 366 Photos for 2008

Anybody else pickup on the "366" theme?


Linda said...

Scott, thank you for highlighting our 366 Photos for 2008 project! I think all of the people you linked to will agree that it's great fun!

Dogeared said...

Thanks for the link! As much as I'd love to take credit for the idea, it was a group of Canadian girls who I think set it up (or at least in *this* incarnation, there might have been others who've done this thing in the past, I don't know). Their Blog is at

However, I did create a new list of themes, which was slightly more gender/age/nationality general - and it's my list that most people are using. And I did recruit several friends into doing it ;-)

But you're right, it is surprisingly difficult to stay up to date with taking the photos! I nearly caught up thanks to a long weekend in London.

I'll add a link to this Blog of yours, into my sidepanel, and start reading it regularly!

Deb Campbell said...

Thanks so much for including my link in your write up. And for drawing attention to this project.

Julie M said...

Scott, thanks for including my 366 blog in your piece. One comment - many (if not all) of us are bending the rules and using photoshopped images. We'd all love to have more people join us...

Dogeared said...

It's many, rather than all, with the PS thing - I don't (only darkened one photo), and at least two of my friends don't even have PS.

But it's a personal choice, that rule!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott - I started my blog because I was working on Project 365. I was very diligent for quite awhile but I found that forcing myself to take a photo everyday was making me think of photography as a chore.

Now I take photos nearly everyday and post the ones I think other people may enjoy.

I have a links page of MANY people working on Project 52/365/366. Your readers should check out the list - there is some fabulous work going on. I particularly like the ones in orange.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

This looks like a pretty neat challenge. I went to see the girls' blog, but unfortunately it's no longer up (or it may have been moved).

I've tried a "photo of the day" before, but realized how hard it was to take out my dSLR every day and get a thoughtful picture out. I like the idea of having different subjects every day. It gives you a goal. I could definitely try this again with pictures from my iPhone. Now that would be much easier and, come to think of it, would help me work on my composition.

I bookmarked this link that gives you tips on how to stay on track. It's really well written and has some very useful tips: