More (really good) free software...

Free software is one thing, but if it doesn't serve a useful purpose, what's the point?

IrfanView is both, it's free and it's extremely useful.

To say IrfanView is a "Windows graphic viewer" is a true statement, but it barely scratches the surface of its capabilities. It does so much more:

Create slideshows
Lossless JPG rotation & Cropping
Tag images for future editing
Open images directly into your image editing software
Batch processing (rename, resize)
Create panoramic images
Email images directly from IrfanView
The only image viewer I know of that shows you the histogram
It allows you do basic editing (like black & white conversion)
soooo much more...

And with the latest version you can now browse your RAW files Too!

You can download IrfanView here (or here), you can also download (one or all) of the plug-ins here.

Tutorials? Sure, view some here, here, and here... or view the FAQ page for a complete list of questions (with the answers), tutorials, and videos.

If you download it and don't like it or find it all that useful (not only will I will be stunned), I will give you back every single penny you paid for it! ;)

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Stew Turner said...

Thanks Scott
I think that FastStone image viewer has the same capabilities. (also free) The features I use most are the batch rename and resizing/emailing images to family.