And the winning continues...

Here are the results of our quick little contest.

Folks had to identify what movie the quote "I am a bit behind my time", it is from the movie (play and book) "A Christmas Carol". It was said by Bob Cratchit when he apologizes for coming in late the day after Christmas. "I was making rather merry...".

Two people were drawn form the correct entries and the winners are... Janet and Moria!

Janet will get a set of the "Strobist Lighting Cards" (you can read our review of them here).

Moria will get a set of the "Chase Jarvis: The Portrait Sessions Vol. 1" cards (our review is here).

The winners will need to send me an email with their snail mail address and we will get the prizes right out to them.



Miguel Palaviccini said...

Awesome prizes!

Never seen the movie though ...

Scott said...

OMG, you have never seen this movie!


A great "good overcoming evil" feel good story, please check it out this upcoming Christmas season.


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