Where to go for camera and lens repairs...

This did not start out with the intention of being a blog post, it was much simpler than that, I had a couple of broken lenses and was looking for a place to repair them.

I have used this big "pro" services for repair services in the past but was never left with the feeling of being satisfied. I found them to be (rather) expensive, slow, and impersonal.

So when a friend shared with me his experience with MidState Camera Repair (which he had found on SportsShooter.com) I figured, why not send them in for an estimate. What do I have to lose?

The entire experience was outstanding, within a few days of them getting my lens I received a call detailing the problem, the cost of repair, and how long the entire process would take.

From the time the package left my hands until the repaired lens landed at my front door took about two and a half weeks.

It took the "big pro service" three weeks just to get back to me with their diagnosis and estimate for repair, that estimate (by the way) was twice what I paid at MidState Camera.

If you let them know you're a professional photographer (meaning you generate your income from your gear) they will make every effort to get it back to you even faster.

MidState Camera Repair is located in the quaint little New England town of Warwick Rhode Island and but regardless of where you live, you can ship your broken gear to them for an estimate.

It has been said that "long after people forget what you've did for them, they'll remember how you made them feel".

I feel great about recomending MidState Camera Repair.


Mike Spivey said...

I dropped my 5D Mk II and it gave an error message. I checked around and all estimates were very expensive. Then a camera store (Baker Photo in Yukon Ok) told me to just send it to Canon as they are always the cheapest. I sent it in and they cleaned it and replaced the "top plate" and charged $310 including return shipping. I was thrilled and it is back to taking great images.
Thanks Canon.

Scott said...


I have heard good things about Canon from more than one photographer. I happen to shoot the "other" brand.



maryann [Maryann's*****Fotos] said...

I hope I never have to use them but it's great to know they are there and come recommended by our own Scott.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Oh good to know! Although I really hope I never have to use them :)

Anonymous said...

Great group of guys a Midstate Camera (two brothers). They fixed my 580Ex in a rush for an event I had for the weekend. Nothing but praise for them.

Anonymous said...

I had MidState repair my Nikkor 80-200 2.8. The repair was well done and returned to me in ~2weeks. The price was right as well. These are my "go to" guys.