Image editing, part II...

Two things I wanted to follow up on from yesterdays post.

First, Marion had a great question:

"I calibrate my monitor! My monitor id darker and bluer when I am finished. However, when I send pictures to others who do not calibrate, they complain that my pictures are too bright or too yellow. It is very frustrating to get negative comments when I know I am doing the right thing. What do you do about this?"

Great question, many photographers will include a "disclaimer" similar to this as part of the gallery link email they send to their client:

Please note: All of the images in your gallery have been processed and edited on a color corrected and calibrated monitor to ensure true, accurate representation of both color and light.

If the images appear too bright, too dark, or the color just seems "off" chances are very good that you are viewing these images on an un-calibrated computer monitor.

All prints made will be representative of the image as it accurately appears.

Including this disclaimer (or one like it) may stop a few of the "why does my picture look funny?" emails.

All are certainly welcome to use this disclaimer if they like (no need to reinvent the wheel).

Second, if you are interested in learning more about monitor calibration DataColor is presenting a free webinar “Monitor Calibration & More” on October 4th.

Not only will the one hour seminar cover the whys and hows of calibrating all kinds of monitors and you will also have the opportunity to win a Spyder3 Elite.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Hey Scott, thanks for sharing. I usually calibrate my monitor about once a month (and it's surprising the difference between the calibrated and non-calibrated results). However, I am getting a little tired of processing images on a 13" screen, and was hoping that you had some recommendations on monitors. From what I understand, I want an IPS monitor (for viewing angle purposes). However, I have found that for a 24" monitor, prices can range from $200-$2000+. I'm sure you get what you pay for, but I was hoping that you knew of the "best bang for your buck" monitor. Maybe this can be a post?

Chance said...

awesome - I'm really looking forward to this webinar - thanks for sharing!

John Green said...

Great Information, Thanks for Sharing, can't wait for the webinar