Image editing part 3, monitor recommendations...

This is one of those subjects that has taken on a life of its own (which is just fine with me).

As with "Part II", this post was prompted by a readers comment.

This from Miguel:

"I usually calibrate my monitor about once a month (and it's surprising the difference between the calibrated and non-calibrated results). However, I am getting a little tired of processing images on a 13" screen, and was hoping that you had some recommendations on monitors. From what I understand, I want an IPS monitor (for viewing angle purposes). However, I have found that for a 24" monitor, prices can range from $200-$2000+. I'm sure you get what you pay for, but I was hoping that you knew of the "best bang for your buck" monitor."

Don't get too excited because I am not going to tell you "the" monitor to buy, but I will give you the tools and resources that will help you make the best possible monitor decision when it comes time to make your purchase.

First, more from Earl Christie, this was taken from an article he wrote "Predictable Color":

"Step 1: Get a Good Monitor

Not all displays are created equal. At the time I wrote this, one could buy-

♦ 24″ Acer Display for about $330

♦ 24″ Apple Display for around $900

♦ 24″ NEC Multisync Monitor for about $1,150

♦ 22″ EIZO ColorEdge display for around $4,400"

Second, the monitor my friend Michelle Turner raves about is the 24" NEC MultiSync (number 3 on the list above), you can get it for under $950 and it even includes a monitor calibration tool.

Third, Mansurovs Photography has put together an outstanding post "The Best Monitor for Photography", in it they cover monitor technologies, brands, what to look for, and then they give their recommendations that cover all budget ranges. This post is very well done and a must read if you are in the market for a monitor.

Fourth (and last), TFT Central has both a HUGE list of monitor reviews and a selector tool that allows you to plug in your specific needs and parameters and provides recommendations based on your input.

Hope this comes in handy.


half blind said...

Absolutely great post, Scott. Thanks very much!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Thanks! Definitely going to take a look at Mansurovs' post! You have no idea how helpful this is ... or maybe you do :)

PhotosbyDora said...

I've been looking around for a monitor so this post came at the right time!

Thank you! This was really informative.

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