One quarter of a million...

That's what my new rate is for shooting a wedding...


Okay, back to reality, this past weekend we passed two hundred and fifty thousand views on the Weekly Photo Tips YouTube channel!

That is (in my simple mind) a bunch of views, and certainly not something I did all by myself.

I have a few folks I would like to (need to) thank for hitting this milestone.

First, I need to thank those who are generous enough to send us their products for review. I am sure they are inundated by review requests and I feel privileged that they select us to receive their products.

Second, I need to thank my friend Mark Hensley who is the driving force behind the production of our videos, and if you don't think "production" is a very important aspect, just go check out my very first video review (that I did all by myself) and you'll be sending Mark thank you emails as well. Be warned, if you do go to watch that video don't be surprised if you are
suddenly overcome with hysterical laughter, waves of nausea, or both.

Third (and last), I need to thank you, our loyal readers and viewers. If not for you I would be sitting here talking to myself. Your being a part of this is more appreciated than I can express in words.

Thank you all for making Weekly Photo Tips on YouTube what it is.


diygeek said...

Thank YOU for sharing and putting so much into a great blog.

half blind said...

Just going back through your old posts and saw this one, Scott. Thanks very much for your great blog which I check (as you probably know) whenever I can-about 3-5 times a week. Please don't stop. I've taken the liberty on several occasions to pass on links and tips from you to other appropriate sites which I hope has gotten you an even bigger audience. Sharing knowledge. That's what it's all about.