Beautiful images from an Italian reader...

We have a new reader here on Weekly Photo Tips and a member to our Flickr group, his name is  Marco Romani and calls Rome Italy home.

Below are a few images he was kind enough to share and I wanted to post them here (along with his comments), so here ya go.

If you want to see more of his work check out his Flickr page and/or his images over at Getty images.

Click on any of these images to view (much) larger.

"What you see here is the barrique cellar (or barrel cellar) designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano for the company "Rocca di Frassinello" in Tuscany.

What an amazing place. It is impossible to describe the silence and the scent of wine which fills the place. It is really close to being in church (well, scent of wine apart...)."

"The sand dunes in the Dubai area at sunset are just spectacular. The great sky and the moving clouds doubled the awe while we were there looking at the light change. I took some shots, many shots, but the temptation to just stand there and enjoy the view was strong."

"Last Sunday it rained almost all day, the streets were empty and silent and this is something unusual for a busy city like Rome."

"This is one of the "side shots" I take when I go out with my camera looking for nice locations. I had just taken a very different picture I'm still working on, and which I'll post soon enough, when I had the chance to capture this moment."

"A great sky welcomed us on our first evening in Paris. The Bateaux-Mouches was not in sight when I started to take the 5 exposures but it fits perfectly, I think."


doug/d2 photo said...

Marco's shots are incredible (wish they weren't on flickr river) and it gives me a new goal to achieve.

Thanks for sharing!

Photokismet said...

Absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for posting these!

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Very nice photo shot, thanks for sharing.