Welcome to Photoshop Friday...

Today we have put together a plethora of FREE Photoshop resources and links.

First are the free actions:

50+ handpicked free actions, along with a tutorial on how to load actions into Photoshop

Here's another 50 Free Photoshop actions for amazing photo effects

Photoshop actions for portrait photographers (yup, there are 50 here too)

Fresh Sets of Free Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions to Improve Your Workflow

The Big Collection Of Amazing Photoshop Actions

Now, for some free Photoshop tutorials:

A great resource for tutorials is PhotoshopSupport.com

You will find another long list of tutorials Sketch Pad

The Fresh And Amazing Free Photoshop Tutorial Roundup

101 Photoshop tips you have to know

Be sure to check out Photoshop Cafe

30 Killer Free Photoshop Tutorials

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Photoshop tutorials said...

Show some photoshop tutorials for 3D effect on image. May be you will upload it soon.