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If you have followed this blog for very long you know I am a big fan of Kevin Kubota. I have interviewed Kevin, attended his live seminars, reviewed his instructional DVD's, his books, and his iPad lighting App.

Not only that, I use his Lightroom presets and Photoshop editing tools every time I edit client images.

But I am not here to profess my love for Kevin, but to let you know that for the next 3 days (September 20 - 22 from 9am - 4pm) you can watch his workshop, Lightweight Location Lighting, for free!

Here's more about the workshop:

"Learn to create studio quality lighting under almost any condition! With lightweight, affordable, and portable lighting tools, Kevin Kubota will teach you to create beautiful portrait lighting in a variety of environments from typical urban locations to more challenging situations. And after every shoot, Kevin will download and show how he quickly processes and enhances his images in Lightroom and Photoshop before even leaving the scene!"

Topics to be covered:
Essential lighting skills and concepts
Making your own lighting gear and making the most of the lighting gear you own
Other camera accessories that enable better lighting
The thought process behind creating a portrait or editorial style image
Getting high-end lighting with speedlights and smaller battery-powered lights
Lighting modifiers: which work best and what to use in a given situation
Managing the shoot and working effectively with your subjects
Image workflow: download, organize, and edit in Lightroom while still on location at the shoot
Image enhancement: Why enhance and using Lightroom and Photoshop to impart your unique vision

Not to worry if you have the next three days committed to other things, you can pre-purchase the entire 3 day workshop for just $99!

If you are looking to understand on location lighting, if you want to learn about low cost, no cost, and DIY lighting solutions, if you want to learn from a person who has done it all (and more) in his own photography practice, then Lightweight Location Lighting is what you have been waiting for.

For those of you who do attend, we would LOVE to hear about your experience.

CreativeLIVE promo and a flashlight lighting trick from Kevin Kubota.

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