Some more on the Nikon D800...

Here is more information and links from people waaaaaay smarter than yours truly that should have included in our last Nikon D800 post.

For me, my love affair with the Nikon D800 started with the very first images I saw, and they were from wedding photographer Cliff Mautner.

Cliff Mautner - "Speed and power, without compromise. That's how I'd sum up my impression of this camera. Old world, medium format image quality is now inside a phenomenal, incredibly responsive Nikon body." Read his full review and see those stunning images here.

I have written many times about Ken Rockwell (like here), I do not make a hardware purchase without first checking out what Ken has to say about it.

Ken Rockwell - "The D800 is the best DSLR ever made by anyone at any price. I've got a D800 already, and have a D800E on order. There is no comparison." Read his full review here.

C|NET - "Is the D800 a great camera?... The answers are yes" Read their full review here.

Photographer Fred Miranda has one of the most thorough reviews with the most sample images in the web.

Fred Miranda - "There's no question that Nikon produced an exceptional camera. In fact, many photographers will gravitate towards it because of the high resolution. As far as I'm concerned, the big attraction is the incredible dynamic range. Especially in the 100-400 ISO range, which is critical for landscape photography." Read his full review here.

I think that should cover ANY question folks could possibly have about the Nikon D800.


Doug Kaye said...

Yes, the D800 is awesome, BUT (!) there are some problems. First of all, there's an autofocus problem with many of them. See my post at And when it comes to noise, it's not even close to my D3s. The D800E starts to get noisy at ISO 800, whereas I can take the D3s a few more stops without thinking about noise. Now if I can just get my D800E back from Nikon with the autofocus problem fixed, I'll be a very happy camper.

CameraCoUK said...

I've also made my Nikon D800 review and yes I agree with you, it is indeed kicking serious butt! And I will say it again - yes, the Nikon D800 is worth it!

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