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Below is a reader review of the Adorama Flashpoint Remote Flash Trigger Kit, to see our original review (and video) follow this link.

When I got the Adorama Flashpoint Remote Flash Trigger Kit I had two things in mind. First, I wanted to use the product as it was intended. That is, I wanted to trigger one flash to see how well the unit sends and receives information. Second, I wanted to trigger multiple flash units from a single transmitter/receiver set. However, I had no idea if that would be possible. So, let’s dive in.

First impressions.

The Adorama Trigger Kit consists of two units, a transmitter and a receiver. It is very well thought out, designed, and has a nice sturdy build quality to it. The receiver units’ hot shoe is of top quality, and so are the female mounting threads for the flash stand. I really love the assortment of adapters that come with the kit as well. Most of the wireless triggers that I have purchased in the past require at least one trip to the nearest Radio Shack for either “this adapter” or “that chord type”. That was not the case here.

I mentioned the threads on the bottom of the receiver as some of the competitor’s triggers do not have any kind of mounting system at all, at best they may come with some kind of lanyard instead. Add to the list of likable features, the fact that there are 16 channels to select from, and this Flash Trigger Kit is tough to beat.

Another feature I like is that this unit uses AAA batteries, no some expensive, hard to find specialty battery. I also like how small these units are and the fact that they keep such a low profile on the camera and on the flash stand, adding minimal hight to my existing flash setup.

With the Remote Flash Trigger Kit hooked up as intended, I was certainly impressed. What I found was constant fires time after time from anywhere in the room. The units worked just as I had hoped they might. Next, though, was a test of sorts. I had an image in mind. This image would require two flashes, and I wanted to trigger them both from one trigger.

This shot of my son taking a bath is an example of a “two flash” image. I used one trigger to fire both flashes. The receiver unit was threaded onto a flash stand, and with a flash attached to it via the hot shoe. The "first flash” has a blue filter/gel on it, and is aimed at the background. Next, I plugged in a cable that has a flash sync terminal on one end, and a ¼ inch mono on the other. The ¼ inch male end plugs into the Flashpoint receiver, and the sync went into a second flash unit. That second flash was beside the camera, aimed at my son and was in a Softbox. This set up worked just fine as well, shot after shot.

The Adorama Flashpoint X-Series Remote Flash Trigger Kit is a great set of wireless triggers. The build quality is better than most "off brand" trigger kits. The size of the two pieces is perfect, as is the “horizontal profile”. The important parts, such as the hot shoe and the threads, are of top quality and should supply you with trouble free wireless flashing for years of use. It was difficult to find a single reason not to recommend them. I like their reliability, and the design alone is a selling point for me.

Well done.

Thanks Steve for such a well written and thorough review, well done yourself!

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