It was a dark and stormy night...

I have been in a "slow shutter" kinda mood the last couple of weeks (in case you missed the two previous posts can find them here and here).

This image was shot this past weekend while photographing yet another wedding, it was on the coast of Maine, and it was foggy, dark, drizzly night.

I kept the camera still by balancing it on the porch railing.

The image has an exposure of just over 1/2 second and an ISO that was at 5,000. I was fine with the noise because I knew this shot was going to be a black and white.

Because the shutter was open so long (and the ISO so high) the light spilling out of the windows of the reception hall lit the front of the tree, and the lights in the parking reflected off the "drizzle" nicely.

Looks like something you would see on Dark Shadows.

If you are familiar with that show you are old (almost as old as me).    :)


Unknown said...

These are some really great tips! Thank you so much for sharing them! I have really started to get into photography and have been looking all over for the best photo ideas that i can apply to my work! Thanks for sharing!

Scott said...


Thanks for your kind words, and for spending some time on our blog.