Well that was depressing...

Driving back from a wedding last night we came across a gas station that (obviously) has not been in operation in some time, but the sign still displays the price of gas on the day they closed.

And I am sure at the time I was thinking "OMG, $1.03 for a gallon of gas, are you kidding me?!"

Oh for the good old days.


Sonika Uppal said...

need to go back to horse riding days..:))

and you have this code thingy , which makes me prove that i am not a bot...its kind of annoying everytime one wants to comment...you can disable it you know...:)

Scott said...


Yup, we got that code thingy, because before we put that it we would (easily) get a dozen pieces of spam every single day!

And we would have to go in and fish through all the comments and clean them out.

Sorry that you have to jump through the "confirmation" hoop to comment and REALLY happy that you read the blog.


Photokismet said...

Hmmmmm,for a minute there I was going to request the location of this fine establishment! What a let down...LOL