Half off a Think Tank Speedlight pouch...

If you use a Speedlight (or a Speedlite for you Canon folks) to shoot events or any situation that has changing light, has you moving around a lot, and requires you to react quickly, then you know how difficult it can be when you want take the flash off your camera and you have nowhere to put it.

If it's a long event it's too heavy to leave on your camera, it's too big to slip into your pocket, and you need to have it close at hand for the next time you need to slide it into the hot shoe.

Here's a special offer for you, it's a Think Tank Skin Strobe for half price, just $17.49 with free shipping.

Not to worry if you don't have the Think Tank belt system, the Skin Strobe will fit onto any belt.

Use this link for your half off deal.


Russ said...

Ugh: Speedlight, Speedlite. What's wrong with calling them flashes? That covers them all, is shorter and easier.

Scott said...


you are right, it was a (poor) attempt at humor...

But moving forward I will call them flashes or small strobes, okay?


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