A celebrity lookalike in my family...

Ahhhh.... Wedding season (for me) came to an end this past weekend which means I will have Saturdays off, giving me more free time for those "off topic" weekend posts (which I guess is bad news for you guys).


So, for those of you who have been here for awhile, you know there are three miniature schnauzers in our house. Two "planned" and the third (her name is Callie) is a rescue.

She was a "breeder" that was long past her prime and in need of a home... we became that home.

Her eyesight is (real) bad, her teeth are gone, and when she is in the sun you can see through her thinning hair right down to her skin.

And we could not love her more.

There is an invisible leash that keeps her within just a few feet of my wife at all times. If my wife leaves the house Callie will sit at the edge of the rug looking towards the door for about an hour before she finally gives up and heads towards her spot on the couch.

She has been with us a couple years now and almost since day one I knew Callie reminded me of someone that I had "seen" before, but I just couldn't put my finger on it... until the other day.

So here is Callie with her celebrity twin, Bean Bunny from the Muppet's.

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