Happy Halloween... and happy birthday!...

One of my morning rituals, while having coffee, is to check our Flickr group for new images and this morning I was greeted by this image uploaded by Kirk Howard:

I LOVE Disney (just check here, here, or here) and uploading your Disney images will always get you on my good side, it's like bringing the teacher an apple.

But even more important is that today is Stinky's birthday! She is turning (sniff, sniff) 17, or so she says, but in this picture (and in my mind) she looks no more than 8.

You can see what she looks like today or why I think she is so cool here or here.



photography by anika alonzo said...

Happy Happy Birthday young lady! I hope you enjoy your special day and don't be too hard on your daddy. Us parents like to see you as a cute little 8 year old :) Forever!

Happy Halloween Scott!

Anonymous said...

aww happy birthday to her! i checked our her "i can't find my dad" post. she looks so lovely and grown up :)