Well, this made me sad...

This past weekend was the 4th Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk and yours truly was the leader for Portland Maine walk.

But alas the weather gods had their own plans for this weekend.

Saturday was cold, rainy, drizzly, so the walk was pushed back to the Sunday "rain" date.

And rain it did, the skies opened Sunday and it just poured all day!

So sadly, we did not walk (or float) in Portland.

The most disappointing part was that I didn't get to meet with the almost 50 people who had signed up to come out and shoot.

So I am thinking that if there is enough interest we might put together a walk in a few weeks, though it would not be part of the "official worldwide walk" it would give us a chance to gather, talk, and shoot.


jenn said...

I'd be interested!

Joanne said...

me too...although I am not available until 10/22