I really need your input...

We are considering adding a new dimension to the Weekly Photo Tips family, an (audio) podcast.

It would be a nice addition to the blog, our YouTube channel, and our Flickr group.

There are some things an audio podcast would allow us to do better, like product reviews that don't require a visual demonstration (like books) and interviews. We could include more information in a more enjoyable way.

We have done interviews in the past (with Vincent Versace, Matt Kloskowski, and Kevin Kuboto), but they are written and (to be honest) just a bit "dry". A podcast would be a great vehicle for bringing you more and better interviews.

It would also be something that you could load onto your iPod, iPad, or other smart device and allow you to listen at a time more convenient to you. The podcast would be the part of our community that you could "get and go", enjoying us "untethered" from your computer.

But doing a podcast that our readers don't have an interest in or think would not be beneficial would be a wasted effort.

This is where you come in, our latest survey (found in the top right column of this blog) asks what you think, for your input. So please take a moment, give your opinion, and help us build a better, more complete photography community.

The survey will be open until next Friday (11/4), I look forward to your feedback.


Troy Breidenbach said...

I, for one, would probably not listen to an audio podcast. I enjoy your blog, but could not commit the time to listen...or I would forget :-)

Miguel Palaviccini said...

"It would also be something that you could load onto your iPod, iPad, or other smart device and allow you to listen at a time more convenient to you." - this is the selling point. I know that I sometimes have some "downtime", but am not near a computer. Podcasts are a great way to keep up with current info (whether it be photography, sports, ...). I'd be willing to try it out :)

Anonymous said...

Scott, I read and enjoy all your blogs, a huge thank you for doing them.

I seem to never have the time to listen to audio podcasts and when I have tried I find I don't concentrate on them and end up just turning them off.

I find all things photographic, even book reviews, need visuals

Simeon Pilgrim said...

Hi Scott,

I already listen to the GridLive (but not live) via the audio podcast on iTunes.

I'd happily have another audio podcast. I never have the time to sit and watch video podcasts or live streams for that matter, but find it very easy to listen while driving, or coding at work.

freshlybrewedimagesbycoffey said...

Launch the audio podcast. My current playlist includes the Candid Frame, GoingPro, The DPE, The Photographer and the Model, etc.. I even have old podcasts from LightSource Studio Photography.

Video casts are difficult to commit to. For me, they work best if I'm waiting to do something or surfing the internet.

I listen to audio podcasts while I shop, in my car, at work, at home, when I exercise....anytime I can. I'm saturated in photography....I don't need to see it in order to take it in.