Oh poop...

We are coming to the end of October and here in southern Maine are still enjoying the beautiful colors provided by the fall foliage.

But as I look out the window I see snow, LOTS of snow, it's coming down hard, and it is white everywhere.

NOT funny mother nature!

The weather folks were calling for 5-10 inches in the run up to this storm but this morning they are reporting that some of the surrounding areas already have 16 inches and the snow will continue to fall until this evening.

You know it's "official" because everyone in the newsroom is wearing their "storm sweaters" and there is a long line of cancellations scrolling across the bottom of the screen, at least they are while we have power.

It's a very wet heavy snow, the leaves are still on the trees, and because the wind has kicked up tree limbs are dropping on power lines and our power has come and gone several times.

But our pellet stove is belching out some serious heat, the coffee is hot, and my flannel jammy pants are cozy warm so I really can't complain.

Though the mental image of me in my jammy pants is probably something you really didn't need.



Anonymous said...

We got ~8" north of Philadelphia and lost power for 4 hours (we're lucky). I was very surreal.

Scott said...

It’s weird to look out at the neighborhood and see Halloween decorations (barely) peeking up through the snow.

photography by anika alonzo said...

I haven't had a nice winter in years, thanks to us always PCS'ing all over the place. I really enjoy your snow photos! Keep them coming! I'll send you some of the beach in Cali ;)