Wanna save some money?...

I know, that really is a dumb question. Like someone is going to say "no Scott, I don't want to save any money, in fact I was hoping to overpay".

Well, here is a HUGE savings opportunity for you.

Like many photographers I find myself burning images to DVD for a multitude of reasons... for clients, publications, media outlets, as well as for friends and family... so I can (and do) burn through a stack of DVD's in no time at all.

This week (until this coming Saturday 10/29) Staples has spindles of 100 blank Memorex DVD's, either +R or -R, for the phenomenally low price of just $9.99!

Their online store says "out of stock", but not to worry, I did an inventory check of all the Staples within 50 miles of me and every single one of them has these spindles in stock, so I am sure the Staples nearest to you will have them in stock as well.


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Nice! I'll be getting some of these for the lab

PhotographyTalk said...


That is a great deal. Feel free to pass info like this (and other info), to our photography forum. You can also swap tips with other pro's and enter contests etc. My "name" is the link if you're interested in checking out PhotographyTalk.



aby karakulam said...

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