Here are some more great deals...

Here are some more great camera deals, these are brought to you by the good folks at Midwest Photo Exchange.

The first is a (cold) flash shoe mount that I own and LOVE for two reasons, it's very solid (made of metal) and it has a thumbscrew lock that will hold your flash very firmly in place.

And it's yours for only $2.50! This is a great price on a very good product.

Another product that I own, love, and they have on sales is an all metal (very durable) umbrella/flash bracket for just $17.99!

They also have a bunch of other lighting gear on sale that you can see when you visit this page.

But don't doddle because some of the sale items have already sold out.


David R Martinson said...

Scott, you're going to have to slow down on all your deals...I'm gonna go broke! Thanks for sharing! Did you get my snail mail address I sent?

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Scott, I really wanted to buy the flash shoe mounts (3 of them), but the shipping is more than the cost to purchase them :(. I was hoping to make a mount for one umbrella that would hold two flashes.

I may still get them, the price is incredible. Thanks for sharing!

Scott said...


Sorry about that, I did not check the shipping.

You may want to order a couple more than you intended as they are small and easy to "misplace", especially that darn thumb screw!

Plus they make great gifts for photographer friends and the shipping does not change with an increased quantity.

And I made exactly what you are talking about and my first regret was that I only made one ( then promptly ordered the stuff to make a second one)