Another Wedding Wednesday...

Last week we talked about shooting the details, specifically shooting tables at the receptions because by the time the bride finally does see them they're covered with purses, cameras, food, and spilled drinks, so wouldn't it be nice for her to see them as she had planned for them to be.

Sometimes the details can be big, real big.

It's obvious by the size and style of the venue that it has been selected the bride with grandeur in mind, and it would be a shame if she didn't see it.

Much like the conversation last week, the bride will never see herself walking down the isle in a beautiful church, or standing with the guests on one side and the ocean on the other, or the entire ballroom during her first dance. Our job as photographers is to make sure she does see it.

As big as it was meant to be.

(click on any image to view larger in a new window)

One thing I can say about all of the inside shots above, "thank goodness for the high ISO capability of the Nikon D3!", because some of these locations were like caves.


Setterman said...

Scott, Just placed my first order with Adorama. I was surprised at the great order even with it just being a small order. They will be a good partner for members to work with.



Miguel Palaviccini said...

Scott, there's something about your BW photos that I really like. Don't know what it is ... not yet anyway