Welcome to another Wedding Wednesday...

Sometimes it is possible to get referrals while shooting a wedding and not always from the the most obvious place (guests, wedding party, etc.).

There are folks who are almost as happy to see some of the images you take as the bride, and they would be the vendors.

Nothing shows off a vendors services than a photograph their product or service "in action" and who better to provide them that photograph than us?

I have been at countless weddings and seen vendors trying to grab a shot of their contribution to the wedding or reception with a point and shoot camera and whenever I see them the first thing I ask is "would you like me to take some shots?" followed by "do you have a business card?".

There are two ways I look at this, first it's the right thing to do, I mean really, how hard is it for me to grab a couple shots and email them? Second, if my images are an important part of their portfolio, who do you think the vendor will recommend to the bride?

A couple comments about the images below, no you can't read the jewelers name but his logo is easily recognizable.

When photographing shiny/reflective objects (like the rings and the car) make sure you don't capture yourself in the object. Yes you might be able to take yourself out in Photoshop, but save yourself all that time and effort, get it right in camera.

So pay it forward, the florist, the caterer, jeweler, limo driver (et al) will appreciate it, and it might just come back to you in a good way.


Paula said...

So many lessons in one little blog post :-)

Anonymous said...

Scott, I manage a Portuguese language website with mostly Christian articles and images and was wanting to translate & reproduce the Dog's Ten Commandments there along with the image of Bonnie, Cali & Gracie, with your permission. I thought a lot of people in Brazil could benefit from the 'Ten Commandments' article which was very enlightening. My site is www.iluminalma.com I couldn't find an email address for you nor a place to input one here. You can reply to me at the address on the bottom of the iluminalma page. I follow your blog just about every day and appreciate a lot of the lessons and tips on equipment sales. Thanks, Dennis

Pam said...

I love the lobster tails, that is a great image and memory for the Happy Couple. Also I hope this counts toward the contest since i uploaded a few images but have not had time to post comments. Thanks

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I really like the second image. Neat way to get the car in the shot and still keep the focus on the bride and groom!

Photography said...

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thank you :)