The cost of your photography education...

At some point many of us have spent money on our photography education that we wish we could get back, and the next time we go to buy a book, a DVD, or seminar ticket we are just a bit reluctant.

And why not, we work hard for our money and HATE to waste it.

Well, I have something for you today that is worth your time AND every penny you'll spend to get it, it's the Photovision 2012 series of educational DVD's.

What will you get? Every other month you'll get a DVD with almost three and a half hours of instruction that just can't be beat.

Over the course of the year it will ad up to 20 hours of "how to" from some of the top photographers out there, like Hanson Fong, Parker Pfister, Rod Evans, Julia Woods, Amy Parrish, and more.

You'll see complete newborn, maternity, wedding, seniors, pet, wedding, and commercial shoots, that include posing, retouching, business practices and management... you name it... setup, shooting, post production, and client presentation, it's all covered.

And you can have it all, for just $49!

Yup $49... this usually sells for $199 but the good folks at Westcott have given us a promo code (that we are about to share with you), and when used will drop the price from the usual $199 to just $49. We are talking $8 a DVD (or $2/hr) to be taught by the top dogs in photography.

Just use the promo code "Westcott" during checkout.

I've been getting the Photovision series for a number of years and have NEVER be disappointed, quite the opposite, it gets two thumbs way up from me.

Here is a video snippet from the Photovision 2012 series. You can preview more of the videos at this link.

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