Call for reviewers, contests rules, and more...

Today is a mishmash of different "house cleaning" announcements, so lets get started.

First, call for book and DVD reviewers:

We have received a phenomenal response to our request for readers (and viewers) who would be interested in doing reviews of photography books and DVD's (see the original post here and Q&A here) and we wanted to let you know that we will be finalizing (and announcing) the list of reviewers the second week of March. If you are interested in being considered please drop us an email with a little info about yourself and your contact information.

If you are not chosen in the first group of reviewers not to worry, we will be doing this again and will be keeping the info on all those who are interested "on file".

Second, Contests:

Believe it or not we have some unclaimed prizes from previous contests and as it has never happened before, we never had a "policy" on how to deal with it.

Often we will receive a contest entry email with a persons Flickr user name and it arrives via a "No Reply" Flickr email address, so I don't know who the person is or have any way to reach them, that's why you will see as part of the "winners announcement" a request for that person to get in touch me me (via an email link).

So moving forward, if a prize remains unclaimed 14 days after the contest is over and the winner is announced on the blog, the prize will be "rotated" back into the contest prize stable and given away in a future contest.

Third, speaking of contests:

You have until tomorrow to enter in the Scott Kelby giveaway (we aren't actually giving Scott away, just one of his DVD's).

And stop by the blog on February 29th for our 1,000th post extravaganza!


Miguel Palaviccini said...

Wait, you aren't giving away Scott Kelby?! haha :) looking forward to seeing the list of reviewers! Glad we can help (and super glad you are allowing us to!!)

Gabrielle said...

I'm baffled the prize winners aren't claiming their winnings. Any time I've won anything I was on cloud nine for the rest of the week and couldn't wait to get my hands on my prize! Amazing =]

PS. If you are EVER giving Scott Kelby away, I will be the first in line!!!