Two light softbox kit, one great price!...

This two light complete kit is on sale for just $114 and if you are in the market for lights you might to give this special a closer look.

Here's what you get:

Two 20" X 27" Silver Soft Boxes - No rods to struggle with, no speed rings to align. These softboxes are easy to assemble, just snapping into place. When you're done just remove the bulb and the softbox folds together like an umbrella.

Two Flicker Free 70 watt Spiral Fluorescent Bulbs 5500K - These bulbs are daylight balanced and are equal to a 350 watt output of a "standard" bulb. They are long lasting "cool" lights, emitting very little heat, they can stay on all day without overheating you, your softboxes, or your subject.

Two 7 Foot Light Stands

One 33" Padded Carrying Case

Follow this link for more details and to read the reviews from photographers who already own this two light kit.

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maryann [Maryann's*****Fotos] said...

Glad to see they are using Compact Fluorescent bulbs! Not only 'green' but they don't get hot!