Put us in your calendar for February 29...

A couple things will be converging at the end of this month, happening on the same day, and it could all add up to something big.

Really big.

Maybe the biggest thing we've ever done here on Weekly Photo Tips.

So what's going on?

First (small thing), there are 29 days this month, something that only happens once every 4 years.

Second (big thing), on that "not so common" day in February we will be hitting a pretty significant milestone, we'll be publishing blog post number 1,000!

So to celebrate we've been talking to a photography vendor about putting something together for you, our readers.

As we haven't worked out all the details we can't tell you what it is, but we can tell you that it will be a one time thing happening on the 29th only. Not before, not after.

So use red ink to mark the date on your calendar.

As we move through the month and the date gets closer, we'll post reminders... and maybe a tease or two.

So... Mark your calendar... and stay tuned.


kristin said...

oooh i love a surprise! i will mark it down for sure.

MarkE said...

looking forward to number 1000!

ruimnm said...


Chris said...

1,000 posts is a lot of work. Great job.