I love Sunday mornings...

Sunday morning is unique, different from any other morning... made up of several key and important ingredients, like having the fire going, the TV is on with Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood in the background, I have dogs around (and sometimes on) me, a BIG cup of coffee within easy reach, and it's the only day when it's sociably acceptable to wear your jammy pants all morning long. But even with all these things, Sunday morning would be incomplete without "the paper".

Not just "a" newspaper, it has to be the "Sunday" paper, stuffed with all those sections that only make their appearance one day a week, and slid in between all those sections are the sales fliers.

And as you read it the paper is somehow spread far and wide, covering the better part of the couch, the ottoman, the floor, and sometimes a dog... by the time you're done reading it looks like you are about to start painting the room.

All of which has nothing to do with why I am posting today, I just kinda got lost in the "Sunday morning moment".


The real reason for me being here is to let you know that Staples has a great deal on blank CD's and DVD's, either of which can be handy for getting images out to others or for archiving them for yourself.

You can get a 100 spindle of blank Memorex CD's for just $19.95 and/or a 100 spindle of blank Memorex DVD's for just $26.95.

Okay, my job here is done, now back to my Sunday paper.

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half blind said...

Love it! Thanks for the great heads up, Scott.