A light stand we like and you can have it!...

Here is a really nice light stand that we are adding to our latest contest, because really, what's the point of having a great 4 flash bracket if you don't have a light stand to put it on.

This Flashpoint 4 section light stand that folds down to just 19.5 inches for easy portability and will extend to a total height of 6 1/2 feet.

Another thing we like about this light stand is that the legs can go flat on the floor for maximum stability while reducing the chance that someone tripping over it.

The contest ends this coming Sunday so get all the contest details here, or check out the other prize we added to the contest here.

Here is a quick 2 minute review/demonstration, enjoy.

Should you not be the contest winner but still want one of these light stands you can get it for $34 (with free shipping).

If you received this post via email you'll need to return to the blog to view the video as it is not pushed through with your subscription (sorry about that) or you can head directly to our YouTube channel to watch it, your choice.

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