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This weeks "feel good" story comes from a grandmother, her name is Mary Lake, a retired grandmother who makes (on average) a dress a day for little girls who are either in foster care or living with people other than their parents.

As if that alone wasn't amazing enough, Mary sews those pretty little dresses on an antique manual Singer sewing machine (meaning no electricity, you operate it by a treadle using your feet).

Mary remembered how good she felt as a little girl when she got a new dress and wanted other little girls who were having difficult times to know that same warm and happy feeling.
"A Mary Original"

Since the first time I posted about Mary back in 2010 we have been in touch on a few occasions, through telephone calls and that old fashion thing called "snail mail". She continues to make dresses on her grandmothers manual sewing machine and folks who have read about her exploits continue to support her with gift cards, material, and sewing supplies.

About a year ago she sent me a note along with two of her beautiful little handmade dresses, each complete with a match purse, as a "thank you" for telling her story. As my girls were deep into their teenage years I spent a couple months looking for that "special" home for these dresses.

We ended up donating them to raise money for a very ill local boy, because of the quality of her work and the story behind the dresses they ended up being a "top seller" at the fund raiser.

Enjoy the video below (sorry if you have to sit through a commercial first), it's a great example of how one person with an old sewing machine, a kind heart, and a little effort can positively impact the lives of (so many) others.

You can read the previous posts about Mary and her dresses here, here, and here.

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