Another way cool Kickstarter project...

If you are into video, or think you will be moving into video, you really need to check out the "Red Rocket Travel Slider" project over at Kickstarter (not to be confused with the Red Ryder from Christmas Story).

The Red Rocket Travel Slider is the brain child of Zeke Kamm, a longtime friend of Weekly Photo Tips (you may remember him from our reviews of his Trade Secret cards here, here, and here). A really good guy with great ideas.

I could ramble on and on about what the Red Rocket will do for your video productions but the best thing is to watch the 2 minute video below for a stunning demonstration.

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Sergio Garcia Rill said...

Wow, looks very interesting. Definitively something to keep your eye on.

Tina C. Williams said...

So much thanks for this project . Like your project guy .