Want a free Quad Shoe Flash Bracket?...

Because we have a brand spankin' new one and are giving it away.

This is an all metal Quad Shoe Flash Bracket that mounts on to any light stand.

The four cold shoes (allowing you to mount up to four Speedlights) secure your flash(es) with oversized thumb screws and will keep them where they are supposed to be, there is a center hole for mounting an umbrella of any size, and the entire bracket can angled into the position you need via a secure saw tooth pivot joint.

Check it out on the video below for more details.

So how do you win it? As usual are contests are super simple and easy to get in on, here are the details:

1. This contest theme is open, so any of your images will work

2. Like us on Facebook (if you've "liked" us for a previous contest, this requirement is waved)

3. Leave a comment on any one of our blog posts or YouTube videos

4. Upload your image(s) that you shot to our Flickr group

If you are new to Flickr (or have never joined) you can get all the details on how to join the Weekly Photo Tips Flickr group here.

The contest starts right now and ends March 31st, the winner will be announced on the blog Monday April 1st (2013).

Good luck everyone, as always we are looking forward to seeing your images and reading your comments.

Here is the small print (literally):

All rights and ownership of submitted images remain with the photographer who took it.

friend us once, then 1 image upload + 1 comment = 1 contest entry.

You can enter the contest as many times as you like, no limit.

Winners outside of the US will need to cover the cost of shipping their prize package. 

Here is our (quick) video review:

Should you not be the contest winner but still want one of these flash brackets you can get it for $39 (with free shipping).

If you received this post via email you'll need to return to the blog to view the video as it is not pushed through with your subscription (sorry about that) or you can head directly to our YouTube channel to watch it, your choice.


Ben Cobb said...

Sweet! Quick and simple, I like it! Wicked Good!

Nikolay said...

I also can make very good use of this bracket. Actually if I have to be honest I need to buy one as it will save on PockeWizards ;)

Howard said...

Multi flash brackets are awesome as it seems that you always need just a little bit more light when using speedlights in big softboxes!(especially outdoors)

Michael Frazier said...

The multi flash bracket looks great, but I think I'm lost on the contest. Where exactly do you post comments? Here, on YouTube, the Flickr page? :)

Scott said...

Hi Michael,

You can comment anywhere you like, at the blog, our YouTube channel, or Flickr.

Hope that helps.


Heather R. Oconnell said...

Excellent article . Like this post .