The smartest, prettiest girl at the party...

You know the girl I'm talking about, she's the center of attention, the one most of the other people are hoping to spend some time talking with.

The new Fujifilm X100S has become that girl.

There are three photographers that I trust completely, Dave Hobby, Zack Arias, and Ken Rockwell. If they told me the world was flat I would start looking for the edge.

In the last week all three of them have raved about the new Fujifilm X100S and what it can do.

Dave Hobby - "As for myself, I am starting my 2013 round of HCAC assignments and many will be shot with this camera. It's that good" - read Dave's full review

Zack Arias - "The x100s is my desert island camera" - read Zack's full review

Ken Rockwell - "the world's best available-light camera" - read Ken's full review

Both Zack and Dave have plenty of sample images they shot with the X100s that you will surely want to see.

You can follow this link to the "official" Fujifilm X100S page and check out all of the features, specifications, and more.

The Fujifilm X100S is under $1300 and can be pre-ordered now. I have had my order form filled out for a few days now and the only thing that has kept me from hitting the "finalize purchase" button is the fear of what my wife might do, she is not real fond of me talking to other pretty girls.



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