Contest reminder & an additional prize!...

Just wanted to remind everyone we have just over a week left in our latest contest, where you can win a "quad shoe flash bracket".

And to sweeten the "prize pot" we are going to throw in a photography book, "Lighting for Digital Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots" by professional photographer and lighting expert Syl Arena.

To enter (along with the rules) are pretty darn simple and you can get all the detail right here.

Here is a video on the bracket you will win:

Should you not be the contest winner but still want one of these flash brackets you can get it for $39 (with free shipping).

If you received this post via email you'll need to return to the blog to view the video as it is not pushed through with your subscription (sorry about that) or you can head directly to our YouTube channel to watch it, your choice.

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