Our feel good story of the week...

Just in case you missed it, we've decided to post a "feel good" story on the weekends, our effort to show (and share) that there is good out there.

Today I want to share with you something I don't often talk about, as I don't do it for credit or recognition.

It's how my simple question changed the life of people I don't know and likely never will.

For those of you who don't live here in New England, Kittery Maine is known as "Outlet Central", you name the store and I am absolutely sure you'll find it in Kittery.

As I often travel between Maine and Boston I'll stop at the Pepperidge Farm store in Kittery to bring home my families favorite food group... cookies, specifically Milano's!

One day as I was paying for my cookies I asked the lady behind the counter "what do you do with the stuff you don't sell?" and the answer was "throw it away". Without even thinking I blurted out "would you consider donating it?" and just as quickly her response was "sure".

I had no idea where, or even if there was a food pantry near me... nor had I ever done this kind of work, the question just came out and their answer got the ball rolling.

Fast forward a few years and these humble efforts have grown to many stores and individuals who now donate (who are far more important and deserve way more credit than I), it blows me away how many people want to help, because of them it has become a significant part of my life.

There was one event that drove home the importance of what I was doing. Most often I drop food off before the pantry is open, but one day I was running late and I walked in to find the room was packed full of people, all holding bags of food, but not leaving. I heard someone yell out "the bread guy is here", a little cheer went up and folks starting walking by, getting bread and heading out for home.

As I drove away it hit me just how many people depended on the food I delivered.

So on days that I really don't feel all that good, don't want to go out in the cold, or drive in the snow, I do it anyway... because I'm the "bread guy".


Robert said...

I believe that we love the Great Mystery through its' creations, and it loves us through its' creations. To put it more traditionally "God is Love"
Thank You Scott

Scott said...

Yes he is Robert, yes he is.

Pam said...

Its the small gestures that can grow to feed the world!! Thanks Scott

Rachel J. Norred said...

So nice and excellent post . Like it .

Nicole R. Walker said...

Well posting you have shared and great thanks for it . Keep up it .