Why North Korea is so scary...

No, I am not talking about their crazy, out to lunch leaders, nor their arsenal of weapons (both real and fake), I am talking about the fact that it appears that in a country with a population of over a 24 million people the North Korean regime cannot find a single person that can use Photoshop.

The latest example is from yesterdays news of their practice invasion.

Their fakery is not limited to Photoshop, they also specialize in fake missile launching, and of course you can't have a fake missile launch without making a few fake rockets.

Here are a few more images that demonstrate the North Korean governments mastery of Photoshop.

A few missing pixels, a shadow that does not line up, and blended that, well... blending is overrated.

Not enough goats? No problem, just add a few.

Lets see, take out the camera crew, check, make the snow whiter, check, and add a few more peple, DONE!

Wait a second, how come the water isn't wicking up their pants?

If you follow this link to YouTube you will see a funny North Korean Photoshop tutorial, I went back and forth about embedding it into this post (as we usually do) but there is one (slightly) risqué part, so I decided against it.


Robert said...

If you think this is bad you should see the official North Korean Web site. My 8 year old nephew can do better.

Denise F. Brookman said...

All are amazing here . Great thanks for shared .