Thursday, March 21, 2013

Performing CPR on a drowned camera...

Peter Hill over at RedBubble put together a post on the steps you need to take should you suffer the horrible misfortune of dropping your camera in water (I am assuming the same would apply if you and your camera are inadvertently caught in a downpour).

It's titled "How to perform CPR on a drowned DSLR" and this is really REALLY important stuff, so once you get there don't just read it, bookmark it and print it out because if the circumstances arise that you need the information you don't want to be fumbling around searching the web for this post.

And after you are done with the article you might want to check out some of Peter's photography, they will blow your socks off, seriously, I am sitting here sockless.


Mordachifu said...

About 7 years ago I was shooting several waterfalls in New Hampshire. At the last one, the head on my tripod broke and my year-old Nikon D70 fell into 6" of water. I grabbed it up, but the damage was done. On the way to the parking lot I opened up every opening and shook out as much water as I could. I pulled the battery and CF card and cursed all the way back to Atlanta...the shooting trip was ruined. At home I opened the back of the camera and left it on a shelf for a week or so. Then I put in a fresh battery and the CF card and the thing fired up and hasn't quit since.

Annie J. Pierre said...

This camera looks excellent .